What Has Gone Before:

After many long years of not doing any kind of RPG, D&D 4E awoke a spark in us to do another RPG. Because we are all very busy adults, the plan was to use pre-packaged adventures, because I really don’t have time to come up with a brand new campaign. Our gaming sessions are very short, so we can usually only get one or two encounters in in an evening, and we are lucky if we can all get together 3 times a month.

Two weeks ago we just finished off H1, The Keep on the Shadowfell, after months of playing. I picked up H2, Thunderspire Labrynth, and started reading it…and was underwhelmed. The Seven Pillared Hall stuff was kind of cool, and it has some glimmers of fun in it, but it seemed very disjointed and disconnected as I was reading it. Plus the tie back to H1 was extremely nebulous, just a single note that they found? Color me dissapointed.

Now what? I really didn’t want to force them through an adventure that I didn’t even want to run. So I began casting about, looking for something that would be a bit more connected, and started looking at The Scales of War adventure path being published in Dungeon Magazine. I have skimmed through part of the first adventure, and am going to read in more depth the second and third adventures to see if I can come up with some solid bridging hooks to tie the adventures together, because I don’t want my players to start from scratch. I think they would rebel.

So here’s where I’m going to start it, documenting how I am going to tie things together, and use this for a portal for my PCs (not that I have high hopes that they will actually use the tool…but maybe. We’ll see…)

Shadowfell to Scales of War